Accademia del Lusso
School of Fashion & Design

Accademia del Lusso is recognised by the Italian Ministry for Education as a member of the Italian Higher Education in Fine Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM) system. This is a division of the Italian University system governed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in Italy (MIUR).


The Bachelor’s degrees in Fashion Styling & Communication and Fashion Design at Accademia del Lusso are officially and legally recognised as equivalent to a university qualification. They issue students with academic credits known as CFA – equated with the European ECTS standard (1 CFA = 1 ECTS) – and valid for continuing studies at universities both in Italy, within Europe, and worldwide.
In accordance with national legal provisions, one credit corresponds to a workload of 25 hours. These hours are a combination of lesson/workshop time and self-study time, depending on the module category (see next section below).

Teaching and modules

Each bachelor’s degree is divided into teaching modules which are worth varying amounts of credits. Each teaching module falls into one of the following three categories:

1. Entirely theoretical
Lesson hours per credit: 7.5
Self-study hours per credit: 17.5
Total hours per credit: 25

2. Part theoretical, part practical
Lesson/workshop hours per credit: 12.5
Self-study hours per credit: 12.5
Total hours per credit: 25

3. Entirely practical
Workshop hours per credit: 25
Total hours per credit: 25


Students who successfully complete a bachelor’s degree at Accademia del Lusso will be awarded a Diploma Accademico di Primo Livello – First Level Academic Diploma – legally and officially equivalent to a 3-year bachelor’s degree.

International collaborations

Pratt Institute – New York, USA
DAAP College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, USA
POLI – Politécnico Grancolombiano – Bogotá, Colombia
Mod’art International Fashion School – Paris, France
EIML Paris – La Grande École de Marketing et Management du Luxe – Paris, France
AMD Akademie Mode & Design – Germany
FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion & Style – Pune & Mumbai, India – Dubai, UAE
GSD – Gurukul School of Design – Ramchandpura, India
LABA Douala – Libre Académie des Beaux-arts – Douala, Cameroon